how and why to stop using a credit card

how and why to stop using a credit card

The bank card is practical, in addition with the contactless in 10 seconds the payment is made, no need to look for the banknotes in your wallet and make the shopkeeper wait.

But it's a trap because you absolutely do not realize your expenses, and that's the goal, isn't it?

With the advent of contactless it is even easier than before to spend money and consume more. We are in a society of excessive consumption, we need the latest iPhone, the latest fashionable designer clothes, the latest makeup palette etc ... what if we take a step back? Do you really NEED it?

The number remains a number using his credit card,

Payment in cash is visual, it is concrete,

maybe I'm going too far but in our society where everything is going too fast couldn't we take the time to ask, to think well even for a few days before buying?

- we don't realize

- we can buy uncovered



  • Bonjour, depuis le mois de janvier j’essaye de faire attention à mon budget j’ai fait quelques erreurs ces trois mois mais je sais a peu près j’y arrive petit a petit

    Stecy Paris on

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